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The rise and fall of the full-stack programmer (article from Tech Crunch)

  • November 23, 2014
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Excerpt: “It seems as though everyone in tech today is infatuated with the full-stack developer. Full stack may have been possible in the Web 2.0 era, but a new generation of startups is emerging, pushing the limits of virtually all areas of software. From machine intelligence to predictive push computing to data analytics to mobile/wearable […]


You’re the best at what you do. Maybe you’re freelancing, or you’re looking for a new full-time challenge. At any rate, you’ve had your fill of those ordinary, run of the mill “recruiters” and “headhunters”. We perfectly understand. It seems like these days everyone is recruiting “talents” for “exceptional” job positions in “dynamic” teams working on “unique” projects, and so on, and so forth.

Problem is, most recruiters out there are very good at matching keywords between a job description and a resume, and that’s it. Something any simple job site will do for you. If you’re looking for something else though, by all means get in touch. Our approach is different. We actually know our stuff because, guess what, we come from the tech world ourselves. Yup, we even code once in a while. So feel free to talk shop when we meet, we’ll do more than just sit there, nodding with a smile plastered on our face, like your aforementioned typical recruiter is likely to do.

Oh yes, least we forget, we only work with rockstars here at StratWeb, but if you are one, we’ll match you with a corresponding, unique challenge. Only truly interesting projects for truly exceptional candidates, that’s the StratWeb way.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a shout!

Employers and Contractors

Are you looking for that elusive gem to help you complete a critical project? Do you want to hire the cream of the crop, but you just do not have enough time to find it? Let us put you in touch with the rockstars of web and mobile technologies, while you focus on what you know best, running your own business. You see, recruiting is an art in itself. If you’ve ever posted a job description online and subsequently had to sift through hundreds of resumes, most of them barely if at all related to what you were looking for, only to find that when you get to the great ones, they are no longer available, then you know what we mean.

Top talent is hard to find. Usually, they are gainfully employed somewhere already. But the thing is, they might also be looking for a new challenge, and we’d be glad to make the introductions. StratWeb is a boutique-style headhunting outfit, meaning we work with a few select clients who are great to work with, have challenging positions to fill and unique projects going on, and we put them in touch with the top talent out there, that we like to refer to as “rockstars”.

So wait no more, give us a shout and we’ll go grab coffee and discuss your needs. Feel free to get technical, we can handle it…


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